Electromagnetic Coil Device

Hello my loves! I hope you’re doing fantastic. Welcome to my blog. I’m an artist living on a ranch but this blog post is not about that. I do hope to post something about my art later on though. This particular post is about a “Proof of Concept” prototype I built for my Patent Pending for Electromagnetic Coil Devices.

Disclaimer: I am not a health professional and I am not making medical claims. You need to consult with your medical professional before using this or any Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) device. It’s important you do not use a PEMF device if you have a pacemaker, cochlear implant, intathecal pump, insulin pump, are pregnant, etc.

I’m excited about a “hands-free” EFT tapping device I’ve developed and I think it will benefit a lot of EFT tapping practitioners and their clients but that’s also not the topic of this post. The topic of this post is what happened with this PEMF tapping device was tested and worn for an hour a day. It appears the device restored memory in certain individuals who were suffering from memory loss. My dad who is 84 years old and beginning to experience memory loss, was one of my test subjects. After wearing the device one hour a day for two consecutive days he reported: “It might be my imagination but my thoughts are a lot clearer and I can remember because I can think.” This is not surprising to me because I have been reading medical research showing the memory of mice with Alzheimer’s improves with LED lights strobing at the same 40 Herts as the EFT tapping device I was testing.

Everyone deserves to have their memories. Good or bad, memories are a part of who we are and I want to share information on how you might DIY a simplified version of the PEMF device so you can restore your memory or the memory of a loved one. I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’ve learned a ton from YouTube videos and think a YouTube video is the way to quickly get this DIY information out. You may not legally produce the PEMF device for sale because it has a Patent Pending. I will have the device for sale but want you to have the ability to assemble it for your own personal use.

When I told my best friend about what I wanted to do she arranged to have her boyfriend help me make my very first YouTube video. I hope the video helps those that need it.

Again, I’m not a medical practitioner or scientist but I’m naturally curious and believe I have begun to understand how our bodies are equipped to use energy to heal and repair itself. I also believe anytime we gain new groundbreaking knowledge we seem to wrestle with our intuitions before we can make the paradigm shift necessary to progress. I hope we are ready to challenge our intuitions about energy so the science can progress on this front.

Here’s the link to the YouTube video. Please share it with anyone who can benefit from it.

This is only a beginning. I love you! Let’s go!

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