Our Approach

We are artists, we see everything as art and believe we are here to make art. Thank you for taking time to enjoy learning about some of our art. Share with us what your art is.

Our Story

Moving South after living in Chicago for all our lives would be a surprise and a challenge. New things to learn, many more things to do, and a transition from our careers to all the things we have wanted to do. We cannot believe what an adventure it has been.

Meet the Farm Team

We are artists living on a farm and ranch. It’s fun, educational and amusing. We learn something new everyday and love it!

Deb Ryan

A successful banker turned artist and farmer. She has moved from the boardroom to the barn. A step up, she says. More intelligent life.


Jim Ryan

Once a Chicago crime fighter, he turned his badge and gun in for a tractor, a second career, and ranching. Rather than rounding up miscreants, he now wrangles chickens, trains horses, teaches and writes.


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